If I did this wrong, I deeply apologize^^

Roleplay Layout Edit

Topic: So, once three users join, the point of this roleplay is that some mer-pups go and help on a rescue/rescue another mer or PAW Patrol member.

Style: Script

Players: Me included, four are allowed which means three other users can join.

Universe: It's crossover, so anyone can have their character in the roleplay as long as they are a mer^^

Generation: First generation please~

Other Info: Well, anyone can multiple characters but try not to have too many. Um, well, I'm not going to be a huge GM but I will step in everynow and then. Please no huge violence and stuff like that^^ Shipping is allowed~

Players Edit


GM, Kaina, Coka, Saldi, and Hurion.


Ignis, and Crisos

RP Edit

Not starting yet~